Maya Gold

Slot machine test: Maya gold

It is the time of the Maya, which Egypt is extremely popular online slots in addition to the old and in the boss media slots Maya again gold has been implemented. It's going to Mystic, because the jungle harbours many a secret. Not all of them are dangers that treasures can be found here and are the reason why you you should dive into the adventure. Maya gold cuts a good figure equal in two respects. One is taken the design well and puts you directly in the jungles of Central America, on the other hand, there are chances of winning can be be seen. Lacking here basically to do anything. There are good symbols, lots of lines and above all the prospect of bonuses and free spins. This is Maya gold definitely a good choice, when looking for a rock-solid online slot machines are. You can play directly online, previously only a registration in the online casino need.

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Maya gold online game

The jungle all sorts of tasks for you provides, which is good, because if you have success, then there are profits. Of course real money profits, if you paid a previously real money. So but anything can happen, the rollers must be turned in so that there are winning lines. You have what is will spin the reels not affect. But there are chances. So are the symbols with the low values more often in a round, while of course the very valuable subjects rarely find their way onto the rollers. Everything is possible but basically.

A winning line is the product of several, but the same motives that lie side by side on a payline. A series is always the leftmost starts, but also that it is not interrupted by other motives not only is important. The exception is in Maya gold the Cheetah, which can accommodate anywhere as a Joker.

Once formed a payline, you gain even profit. Roughly he depends on three factors. To your usage, but the symbol of the series, as well as the length of the series. The last two points together form a particular factor that is multiplied by your stake.

The slot game symbols in the Maya gold online slot

Maya Gold offers you 25 Payline quite already above-average, many are. That the symbols must be accommodated now fit. A practical advantage of Maya gold is that all symbols can form rows between two and five fields. It begins with the skull and the pyramid, which can conjure up the first profits into your bank account. It is really rewarding mostly from four or five rows. This also applies to the following symbols. Among other things the Toucan, the two knives, or just the Maya character. The gold coins are already decent, but about the golden statue comes in Maya gold so nothing fast,.

In addition, there are also bonus symbols, the you can facilitate the life in Maya gold. About the Cheetah as wild or also the two bonus symbols, with which you can get for example, mini-slots bonuses. Not to mention the Golden Sun symbol is because it provides for free games. And that is not too close. 5 scatter symbols, there are 100 free games.

Slot machines instructions by Maya gold

Maya gold is one of the online slot games that actually do everything right. Good bonus features, especially but also so good icons. You can play, if you previously in the slot casino sign up and download money. You may then choose before each new round your usage should be as high. The higher, the higher of course also the profits can fail. However when you lose your balances faster then it should run times not so. You can change also the number of win lines which will have opportunities on your total usage.

Toucan Cheetah